July 7, 2020

Re: Update for 2020 Fall Season, Covid-19

Dear BFA Members,

We are watching the Covid-19 updates from Football Alberta and the Calgary Community Leagues very closely, and we wanted to provide you with an update regarding the re-opening of football in Alberta and the return to play rules and regulations.

Football Alberta has provided the community football programs in Alberta with two documents which summarize the plan for re-opening of football in Alberta and the rules and regulations that we will be required to adhere to while we are in Stage 2 of Alberta’s re-launch strategy. These documents are:

1. Football Re-Opening in Alberta
2. Return to Play FAQ's

Both of these documents are included as appendices to this letter. Currently we are in Stage 2 of the relaunch. During stage 2 we are permitted to organize, assemble, practice and scrimmage in dedicated groups of up to 50 individuals (Players, Coaches, Managers, etc.).

League play including a regular season and games between different teams in the Spring League, Bantam, Peewee and Atom programs will not resume until Alberta has entered Stage 3 of the re-launch strategy.

Registration fees for the Bantam, Peewee, and Atom teams will be a minimum of $200.00 per registered player for the 2020 season. At this point we cannot confirm if there will be an actual regular season or if the 2020 season will consist of gathering and practicing as Bulldogs.

There are also protocols that we will be required to follow regarding how the risk of Covid-19 will be managed at mitigated while we provide the best possible football experience for our players. These are covered off in detail in the referenced documents.

For the Bantam, Peewee, and Atom teams we are planning on opening up registration shortly and plan to start practicing between the weeks of July 13, 2020 and August 10, 2020. This plan is tentative based on enrollment. The football relaunch for the Bulldogs will start with the Bantams, then move to the Peewee’s, and conclude with the Atom’s.

We encourage all BFA members to review this information and direct any questions that you have to the team managers for the Spring League, Bantam, Peewee and Atom programs. If you do not know who to direct your questions to then please direct them to swbantambulldogs@gmail.com for Bantam, swpeeweebulldogs@gmail.com for Peewee, and swatombulldogs@gmail.com for Atom. We will review any questions received and respond to them to the best of our ability.

For additional information regarding our planning, team registration, 2020 schedule, and plans and staff for the 2020 seasons (Atom, Peewee, & Bantam) please visit the Bulldogs Football Association which is www.swbulldogs.com.
We are in unprecedented times and doing everything within our power to provide the best possible football experience to our players given the circumstances we are dealing with. We appreciate your trust and support and look forward to making the most of the 2020 season together with you.


Dave Simpson
Bulldogs Football Association 403.969.0861