Bantam program: ages 13-15

Players must be 13-15 years old during playing year. Players cannot be turning 16 before December 31 of the playing year and can not be attending High School. Players who are 15 and going into grade 10 are not eligible.

Practice for the 2020 season will commence on July 13, 2020. Information about equipment handout and practice schedules will be distributed prior to July 13, 2020. Games are played on Saturday. The season runs to the end of October or into early November depending on playoff standings. The Registration Fee for the 2020 season is $200 per player.



Head Coach: Glen Verbaan
Team Manager: Sheri Pidkowa – SWBantambulldogs@gmail.com

NOTE: The following CBFA rule applies to Bantam Football:

7(a) The maximum weight for offensive players carrying the football (QB, running backs and receivers) will not
exceed 180 lbs. All other positions can be unlimited weights.